Osrik Statement Earrings


The Osrik Statement Earrings

Osrik is the perfect background statement earrings that elevate your look without stealing the attention from your ensemble. The muted appeal make these dangle earrings an effortless addition to your look. Light and versatile, there's no way you won't love The Osrik Statement Earrings

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  • Made to Order
  • Disc Shape with Cutout Detail
  • 3.5 in on Hook
  • Stainless Steel Finishing
  • Lightweight Earrings
  • Made with Cotton
  • Comfortable Statement Earrings

From The Vault Collection

I made the Osrik statement earrings to match an army green military cap that I used to wear a lot. I eventually ended up pairing it with it with a lot of greens when I wore them. The original gray shade is like a magic color because sometimes it looks green, check it out in shade 'all cats are gray'

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Love the Osrik earring!