Omer Statement Earrings


Omer Statement Earrings can be made available upon request. Simply fill out the form on our Contact page

The Omer Statement Earrings

Omer, in its original Dried Corals shade, is one of a few JE earrings that just so happen to compliment a Season. Pair these with bright, flowy clothing and thank us later

*Sold out pieces are available upon request. Simply fill out the form on our Contact page


  • Made to Order
  • Lightweight
  • Playful Charm
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Made w/ Cotton 
  • 3.5in on Hook
  • Expressive Statement Earrings

From The Vault Collection

I remember making the first Omer because it was a few days before I received my B.B.A. from UTSA. I made them to compliment a pair of pants I wanted to wear to my friend's intimate grad dinner party. My hair was in the way in every single picture unfortunately lol. I later noticed that the Omer earring in its original shade looked best in the Spring so I made a pair for the Fall