Joel Statement Earrings


The Joel Statement Earrings

If you enjoy being the center of attention then the Joel Statement Earrings are the pair for you. Take your casual outfit to the next level while embracing a sense of unity. 

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    • Made to Order
    • Handmade
    • Lightweight
    • Multi Colored
    • Pan African Flag Influence
    • Diamond w/ Cutout Detail
    • Stainless Steel Finish
    • Made w/ Cotton/Acrylic
    • Medium - 4.3 in on Hook 
    • Large - 5 in on Hook
    • Expressive Statement Earrings

    From The Vault Collection

    The color combination for the Joel statement earrings was inspired by the Pan-African Flag. The shape came to me as an idea, I did not know how it would turn out but when I was done I fell in love with this piece


     The Pan African Flag

    • a tricolor flag consisting of three equal horizontal bands of, from top to bottom, red, black and green
    • the flag was first designed and used by Marcus Garvey - a founding father of Pan-Africanism - and members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in 1920
    • the red represents the blood that unites all people of African ancestry, as well as the blood that was shed for liberation
    • the black represents the people whose existence as a nation is affirmed by the the existence of the flag
    • the green represents the abundant natural wealth of Africa
    • Variations of the flag can and have been used in various countries and territories in the americas to represent Garveyist ideologies
    • Among those variations is the Biafran Flag, the flag of my native people