Jarod Statement Earrings


Jarod Statement Earrings

All the volume with none of the weight Jarod, with its soft colors and one of a kind design, is sure to turn heads. Wear these fun statement earrings when you want to add something extraordinary to your everyday look or whip them out for a big day. No matter the occasion the Jarod Statement Earrings show up and show out


  • Made to Order
  • Lightweight
  • 4.8in on Hook
  • Multi Colored
  • Stripe Detail
  • Triangle Style
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Made w/ Cotton/Plastic
  • Statement Earrings Can Be Customized

From The Vault Collection

I created the Jaime statement earrings in college the first model was in the purple dominant variant. I made it for a dress that had a purple and gold detail that was barely visible at the waistline. After pairing it with the dress I pretty much wore it whenever I was in the mood for to and over the years I noticed it paired best with dresses and jumpsuits in general

juste etre statement earrings for womenjuste etre statement earrings for womenjuste etre statement earrings for women

juste etre statement earrings for women