Kofi Statement Earrings


The Kofi Statement Earrings

Kofi is just different. These statement earrings speak for themselves and their unique style can be dressed up or down. The Kofi Statement Earrings are a statement piece that will have everyone wondering why they don't have a pair of their own.

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  • Made to Order
  • Lightweight
  • Triangle Style
  • Playful Charm
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • 3.5in on Hook
  • Expressive Statement Earrings

From The Vault Collection

I created the first Kofi earring a while back because i wanted to add a unique option to my line up. At the time, every earring I designed for myself was either circular or rectangular in shape so I had the urge to switch things up and in doing so I stumbled across a way to design Kofi!

juste etre statement earrings for women