Kaarlo Statement Earrings


The Kaarlo Statement Earrings

Kaarlo will have you tired of answering the question "girl where did you get those". With body and curves Kaarlo statement earrings are here for all the attention this season. Add a unique sculpture to your casual ensemble


  • Made to Order
  • Lightweight
  • Multi Colored
  • Two Tier w/ Cutout Detail
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Made w/ Yarn
  • 5in on Hook
  • Expressive Statement Earrings
  • Can Be Customized

From The Vault Collection

The Kaarlo statement earring was another request from a family member. My cousin saw some earrings that she wanted me to remake because they reminded her of snowmen lol. I ended up being so into this piece that it was originally the logo piece when I initially started Juste Etre. I wore it with everything.

juste etre statement earrings for womenjuste etre statement earrings for women